Hot Springs Cove


This is a late post because we thought we’d have Internet at Hot Springs Cove. Instead, as you know, it’s been very unreliable.

Hot Springs Cove is a very special place. The Hot Springs sit out on a dramatic, rocky point in Kyuquot Sound. There is no place to tie up or anchor a boat, so you have to go in 1 mile to the cove.

From there, a 1mi boardwalk runs through the forest. Most of the cedar planks that make up the boardwalk are carved with names and dates of people & boats that have visited the cove. Some are professionally done, some look as though they were carved spontaneously. It makes for a fun walk. The earliest date we saw was 1977, but I’m sure there are earlier planks, perhaps being worn smooth over the years.

In order to have some solitude in the springs, we woke up early and began our trek. At 7am a seaplane landed just beside our boat, and delivered a family of four. 7am!! We couldn’t believe it! So we picked up our pace and walked quickly along the trail to be first at the Hot Springs. We learned that the pools can be overrun by hundreds of tourists during the day. Can you imagine?!?! Boaters must go early morning or late at night to really enjoy some quiet soaking.

The very nice family that were flown in, showed up shortly after us. We ended up enjoying their company, and taking pictures for each other. They were from Texas (which they apologized for the stereotype of Texans) haha

It was their first time visiting BC, and what an adventure they’d had.

The pools empty out into the ocean.

And the top falls are VERY hot!

This is the exact waterfall that is advertised in brochures & online for Hot Springs Cove. Once again, almost to ourselves.


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