Around the top & still having fun.

We went around Cape Scott on Tuesday, July 23. It is the last, largest barrier on the west side, so there is always anxiety and additional attention paid to weather, currents, and tides. We were fortunate, as we slipped out of Sea Otter Cove, it was a beautiful, sunny day, and the ocean was relatively smooth. Most importantly it was smooth going around the Cape, where a mile off shore can be only 30’–50′ deep, which can cause “confused seas”. That’s where I got sick last year…. it was very confused. 🤢

It was a long, 55nm (nautical miles) day, that took nine hours. A huge whale (humpback?) breeched just in front of our bow, about the same time we spotted two bears on the beach. And two others (possibly Minkes) spouted close enough for us to watch. Hundreds of eagles lined the channel, greeting us along the way. ….. they are as common as seagulls up here, but still breathtaking when you see them.

We finally got into Port Hardy, and the wind picked up, making it a challenge to dock. But I did it again!… my perfect record remains intact at about 20+ dockings! (okay, so twice I had to go around again, missing my first shot).

Our Canadian mates had planned to go on to Port McNeil. But they were a little pooped too, and came in behind us. They were very excited about their first time around the Cape, and we celebrated with a bottle of champagne and fresh sushi in the evening sun, toasting our success so far.

Yesterday we sat tight through a windy day, but it was anything but boring. We are on a public dock, where kids & adults caught salmon & flounder all around us all day! It was really fun to watch.

Port Hardy is a cute little town, and doing much better this year than it appeared to us last year. They have a wonderful older building that houses a café/coffee shop, an exceptional bookstore, and local artist gallery. It’s a very welcoming and relaxed place to catch up on phone calls and emails. I sat outside in the warm sun & enjoyed my alone time.

A friend of ours from Tacoma had driven up to Port Hardy to meet us, and he & Jim have been fishing together ever since. We will be having salmon & shrimp tonight. Yum!

Tomorrow, Friday, we plan to visit Sointula, on Malcolm Island. I will write more about that later.

Until then, feel free to call, text, or email me while I have good service. 😁

Here’s Cape Scott. Not as intimidating in a photo.

These totems are actually from Coal Harbour. Not much else in that village, but these are very unique:

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