Port Hardy to Soiuntula

It’s been a very nice week (??has it been a week??) since we rounded Cape Scott, the northernmost point of the island. It feels like we are on our way home!… and ya know, we’re OK with that. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the West Coast. We did it up good! 😁

We sat in Port Hardy a couple of days, resting up, sitting out some strong winds, and just enjoying the town of Port Hardy. A friend of ours from Tacoma had driven up, and he & Jim had some great fishing! We really enjoyed having company.

And this is a reminder to anyone who might like to come up and meet us for a bit – we would love to have you aboard! Or we can meet you in a port anywhere along the east side of the island. Please just text or call & leave a message when & where you’d like to meet us. We are very flexible!

Port Hardy character:

Our neighbors in Port Hardy

We left early morning for a peaceful transit through Queen Charlotte Strait, into Broughton Strait, on our way to Sointula on Malcolm Island:

Sointula, meaning “place of harmony” was started by a group of Finns, attempting to create a society that was communal. They formed the cooperative store association in 1909, making it British Columbia’s oldest running cooperative.

Today it still feels like a utopia Community. We borrowed free bicycles to ride around the island. The local dogs and cats have the right away; if you come across one sleeping on the road, you let it sleep and go around.

We have met some wonderful locals, with whom we hope to continue a friendship.

And this wonderfully random moment, where our neighbor gave us a fresh crab, then practiced his tuba on his boat. 😊

Creative, content locals

Community garden

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