Sidney Spit

Our Canadian friends, Brian & Sue, joined us today at Sidney Spit.  They live aboard their boat in Vancouver, and will buddy boat with us around the island!  We are all very excited to embark upon this adventure together.  

Cariba! Cariba! Cariba!

Their boat’s name is Cariba.  I just couldn’t wait to hail them on the VHS radio!  As they came into view, I rolled my “r”s & tried not to giggle –  “Cariba! Cariba! Cariba!” (giggled anyway, and pretty much forgot to say much more than that).

With all her Canadian politeness & poise, Sue responded appropriately, and directed me to the proper channel for communication between private vessels.  She didn’t even reprimand me about being too goofy (like the Coast Guard would do if I kept it up…)

Brian & Jim were childhood friends who sailed the South Pacific with their families in the 60’s, and they met up again last year.  

Sue is a nurse practitioner, an intelligent sailor with a wealth of information, and a fantastic baker. Needless to say she is an invaluable member of this team! (Warm cinnamon rolls are vital to survival in the wilderness)

This evening we are enjoying a beautiful, calm anchorage, surrounded by views of Mt. Baker & the Olympic Mountains. 

Sunset over Sidney from Sidney Spit

And celebrating our reunion with a huge lemon meringue pie from an amazing bakery in Sidney!

One thought on “Sidney Spit

  1. Beautiful & calm. Cinnamon buns! Immediate friendship..:))!! Glad you are “buddy-ing”with new sailing friends (very special long ago friendship for Jim.). 77 & sunny yesterday. No heat on now, summer’s coming. 😎. ❣


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