The real adventure begins…

Tomorrow, June 11, we begin the circumnavigation of Vancouver Island! For those following along on the map, we will leave Sidney Spit and head south through Haro Strait. We will enter The Strait of Juan De Fuca around Victoria, and west through Race Rocks, and into Beecher Bay (or Sooke, depending on conditions).

The next day, from Beecher Bay, we will sail to Port Renfrew. The third day we will be shooting for Bamfield – a cute village with a “Main Street” boardwalk that encircles the bay. Bamfield is at the head of Barkley Sound, and the magical Broken Islands! I’ll most certainly be posting pictures from there! And hopefully have some exciting whale pictures to share from along the way.

Most boats circumnavigate counterclockwise – up the east side of the island, and come down the west side. That is the route we took last year. There’s lots of books & stories written about that route.

In fact I’m reading a new book titled “Sea Trial”, by Brian Harvey. He has started out sounding exactly like our experience last year – we set out on the same date (July 1), took the same route & stopped at some of the same places. We shared the same apprehension, planning, the steep learning curve, the challenging tides & currents, etc.. Actually, I’m kinda glad it wasn’t out last year… a bit of ignorance was bliss in our case. But it’s interesting to read it now, because I recognize the story.

This year we are going clockwise. We are well prepared, ready, and excited! There’s still so much more to see, and places we look forward to revisiting. Last year we logged 1400 nautical miles. This year will be more.

Today we walked along the long Sidney Spit. The weather was beautiful (70’s) and the beach was quiet.
We ended our evening discussing plans, pouring over maps, and firming up details… and of course eating… again.

Would you ever guess this is the Pacific Northwest??

Farewell Sidney… I’ll see you again in September.

Aloha my friends! I’ll write again on the other side.

3 thoughts on “The real adventure begins…

  1. Ahoy! to all! Beautiful. You’re looking a bit sun and wind burned. 😉 How’s Port Renfrew or have you moved on to Bamfield? It must be nice to have traveling companions; Sue and Brian. I hadn’t realized you were circumnavigating Vancouver Island but it sounds thrilling.
    Blogging on the computer is kinda weird. It means I need to check the email regularly which is not my habit.
    Your mail is being picked up regularly and I watered the backyard today as it was 90 degrees yesterday!🤯
    Enjoy the lull of the waves.


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