Finally in Canada

Well, it took longer than I thought to get this thing started. Not because of technology, but being so tired once we get into port each evening. We are remembering now that it took a good week before we got our cruising legs last year… different than sea legs, because it’s day after day with no rest. But boy has it been great sailing so far! Sunny skies, nice wind, and Beauty just slides through the water.

We took off from Tacoma with such warm sunshine, we were barefoot & in shorts & tees by the time we turned Browns Point. Easily felt like an adventure the first day.

We stopped in 4 ports we hadn’t been to (by water); Edmonds, Coupeville (on Whidbey Island), Bellingham, and then sailed to Rosario (on Orcas Island). From there, we met a college friend of Jim’s in Friday Harbor, and took he & his family on a sail around San Juan Island. This morning we saw our first pod of Orca whales as we sailed to Sidney, BC, in perfect weather. We’ve already been able to sail more this trip than last year.

I promise I’ll post more than sunset pictures as we go along, but for now, this was our first night. Pretty good send off….

Edmonds Marina
Coupeville has maintained the historic buildings, and is still as cute as can be.
A great time to visit Friday Harbor – the summer rush has not yet begun.
Like Canadians all over BC, Sidney residents are welcoming & friendly. We LOVE Canada!

2 thoughts on “Finally in Canada

  1. The cat looks so relaxed & may be thinking “how hum, another dock”….:)). You’re on your way! Hooray! ntf


  2. HELLO! Nice pictures and great to hear from you! Captain Lochsa looks at ease and in control. 😃
    So you’re in Canada. Big country. Were you in Sidney last night and did you leave this morning? If so where are you heading? Shopping day was long by the time all was purchased, dragged home and put away, fruits and some veggies cleaned and large pkgs of meat were divided and put in freezer. 🤪 Should last for awhile! Bruce and Rollie are napping. Rollie ate like a sumo wrestler yesterday but he’s just sleeping it off today. This blogging seems a bit strange but I’m sure it will grow on me. After a time you’ll have to teach me to post pics. Keep in touch.🍻❤️


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