Pies, pooches, and pals

Did I mention the pies? Two pieces were not enough to satisfy us, so we got two pies! Apple for Brian and Sue, mixed berry for us. We had planned to split them, but they were still warm when we got them back to the boat, and all plans changed.

Later we picked so many huckleberries, we were able to make another two pies! Yeah, we really rough it on the boat, don’t we?

Just a Couple of cute sailing pups in their lifejackets, happy to meet each other on the dock

This guy could not be bothered with us, as he was concentrating so hard on the fish below.

Sue was thrilled when she did a perfect job rafting up to us, then caught her first lingcod – and it was a big one!

One thought on “Pies, pooches, and pals

  1. So enjoy the Blogs, though no pictures came through this time? ah well…good to know you are back in touch..for however long! 🤗💕❣💕


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