Tofino and beyond!

June 17 – Tofino

Just one day in Tofino – we’re ready for some quiet seclusion.  ha ha. No, seriously, it’s not a metropolis by any stretch, but Tofino touts itself as a “surfer” town, and all that means. It’s youthful and trendy, very artistic & cute. It looks like an upscale SoCal beach town… but without the sunshine.  ;). We had some great sushi there last year, and bought a carving from a local native. We visited with him today and his son has joined him making traditional style rattles. They were very pretty. There is a large park in the middle of town with an incredible sculpture like nothing we’ve ever seen. I can’t seem to download pictures this morning, so that will have to wait.   

June 18 – Beyond

Pretty sure we won’t have service for awhile, so for those of you following on your map, we are going inland from Tofino up Browning Passage today into Tofino Inlet. Cariba will stay in Kennedy Cove for a couple of days (they prefer to anchor for a longer time), and we will continue exploring the Clayoquot Sound. We will be looking for Tranquil Inlet, because it sounds so… well… tranquil.  Depending on time & what we discover, we’ll either go up into Deer Bay at the very end of the inlet, or turn around & go back into Fortune Channel (that sounds good too – as our motto is “Fortuna Favet Fortibus”…. translates to “Fortune Favors the Bold”).  We will follow that around Meares Island to Bedwell Sound, and on to Clamus Passage.  That should be a very thorough exploration of the Tofino area.  I’ll check in when I can, but probably next week sometime.

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer too!!

Fortuna Favet Fortibus

2 thoughts on “Tofino and beyond!

  1. Enjoy your exploration of the Tofino Sound. It sounds exciting and relaxing. Keep in touch with us land lubbers when you can. ❤️


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