Onward to Ucluelet

June 16 – I know how lucky I am to be able to call my dad for Father’s Day. So as we got into Ucluelet this morning, I got service & called. He’s the best! and I miss him. He was happy to hear from me, of course, and always makes me laugh: “How are ya, dad?”…. “Finer than frog hair!” 🙂  Here he is, the cutie:

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you good dads out there!  Send your own dad some love today, wherever he may be. 

We left Joe’s Bay in the Broken Group early this morning & headed to Ucluelet.  Brian & Sue are staying an extra day –  there’s lots of beautiful water still to be explored in those islands, and they have the coolest kayaks. They even generously shared them with us yesterday, and now I want one. (pictures will come later)

We had some errands to run in Ucluelet, and laundry to do, and we love to stop there. 

Entrance into the Ucluelet marina.

Years ago we discovered Ucluelet on a motorcycle trip with our friends Rick & Lorna. We all loved it! Last year we brought Beauty back for several days, and Rick & Lorna met us here to sail the last leg to Victoria.

 Ucluelet is a quiet, artistic town, and much more low-key than it’s neighbor to the north, Tofino (not that Tofino is bustling by any means – it’s just more trendy & youthful, I’ll talk about later). You can walk & see everything in a day, but there’s really no hurry. Probably the most friendly people we’ve met. The young girl at the ice cream shop walked around the counter to personally hand me my ice cream, and sincerely said, “Enjoy!” Every place you go, it’s like that. We always meet engaging & interesting people when we are here. People take time to tell you stories, or listen to yours – they’ve lived fascinating & intrepid lives, and encourage us to do the same. You hear “Good on ya!” instead of warnings & worry. We have found some very special places by visiting with the locals. Everyone always asks where we’re from, responds by saying “Oh nice!”, and without fail, “Welcome to Canada!”

Raven Woman
Surfer Girl
Friendly local resident

Last year we enjoyed an incredible rocky shoreline nature walk. 

This year we found Sake Sushi.  They just opened 3 months ago, and we’ve got to say, as sushi snobs, these guys gave Seattle a run for their money!  The service was impeccable, the presentation was beautiful (even when we chose to sit outside on a picnic table) & the sushi was delicious. Take a look:

melt-in-your-mouth fresh & delicious
my mouth is drooling looking at these pictures

Only one day in Ucluelet, then off to the open water again to meet Brian & Sue in Tofino.


Today I noticed an unexpected, oh-so-subtle, Canadian accent in my voice…. My speech was a little more sing-songey.  I comfortably used the terms “wee bit” and “lovely”.   I softened my “a”s. My “p”s were a bit crisper.  I said “pro-gress” with a long O, rather than “prah-gress”.   hmmmm…. could it be already? (I do pick up accents quickly – a week in Nashville many years ago &  I was a-drawlin’ like a local yokel)

I smile each time I hear Sue’s charming terms like “bits & bobs” and “bless her little cotton socks”.

Speaking of Sue – I forgot to mention she caught her first crab all by herself – setting the pot, pulling them up, whacking & cleaning the vicious monsters (although she wasn’t a big whacker… that’s where I came in). She was thrilled! She shared her bounty & we celebrated with fresh crab, wine, and cheese. mmmmm…. (did I mention, the men got skunked on their fishing trip?)

Crab Queen

Fortuna Favet Fortibus!

2 thoughts on “Onward to Ucluelet

  1. So much to see, read! Wonderful photo of your Dad! Have to re-read it all. Sushi looks good enough to eat..🍴. 😍


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